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Ammit RTA


-Brilliant, unrivaled flavor
-Top refill system for juice
-Adjustable Gold Plated Positive Pin
-Griffin style adjustable juice flow control
-Unique top cap design to prevent vapor condensation
-Huge single coil style deck for convenient building
-Three-Dimensional airflow from both the bottom and the sides
-Curved chamber design offers optimized airflow and brilliant flavor.
-2.5mm Juice flow slots on either side of the coil, easy wicking, Genesis style juice flow for an optimized vaping experience

Package includes:
1x Geekvape Ammit RTA
1x Set of accessories


Geekvape Ammit is a brand new, innovative RTA that specially made for single coil build. Holding it in hand, you'll strongly feel how unique it's for its three-dimensional airflow that will produce brilliant and unrivaled flavor.
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